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Organic Cotton Benefits for your baby

When we think about the cotton fabric, we can have a few misconceptions or some believe that is better for the environment and comes from a natural source. But the reality is the cotton's fabric is more than that. Conventional cotton differs massively from its organic equivalent, starting at the way it’s made and how it's distributed.  

Hera are some benefits of organic cotton for your child and the planet.

Benefits of using organic cotton

- Since cotton is grown in a field, the fibers are picked out and woven into materials. This makes cotton a go-to fiber for mass manufacturing.

-  Buying a sustainable environment and certified organic cotton is your best option, because organic cotton is made without toxic substances and polluting pesticides, and it’s also grown in healthier soil. Resulting in a better quality.

- After it’s grown, you’ll notice that the cotton used is truly organic cotton because have a slightly off-white coloring, as it’s pesticide free, pigment free, bleach free, and hypoallergenic. Making it a wise choice for people with chemical sensitivity or allergies, because it’s less likely to cause flare ups or a nasty skin reaction.

- If you compare the negative impact that conventional cotton has on the environment, organic cotton should always be your best option if you’re conscious about the planet. The conventional cotton is known as ‘the dirtiest crop on Earth’ because it contains pesticides and insecticides that contaminate the environment. Also, it releases massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which makes it a very real threat to our planet. Instead, if you use Organic cotton. you can make the difference for the world. 

- With cotton, one of the biggest concerns is our baby's skin. Babies wear almost, all the time, a piece of clothe, so we as moms should ensure that they're wearing on is high quality, natural and clean.

- Just eliminate the synthetics. With Organic cotton you can prevent the various skin allergies, the skin problems or allergy flare ups. You will notice a dramatic improvement in their skin condition once you switch to organic.

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