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Top 10 Things You Need For Baby in the First Weeks

We already have most of the things we ask for in our baby registry and we feel anxious for the arrival of our baby. But, what we really need the most the first two weeks of our newbon? We won't need the trendy stroller or the jumper, but a few essentials that the baby could not live without.

1. Diapers and Wipes: babies may use 10 or more diapers daily. Changing diaper might seem complicated at first, but with a little practice, you' ll find that keeping your baby clean and dry is easy. Most babies fits in the newborn size but in some cases there is the need of size 1.

2. Lightweight cotton sleepers: these can make your baby sleep better. They can keep your baby cozy at bedtime, not too cold not too hot, so they feel comfortable and relaxed for their sleep. The one with the zipper or snap buttons in the diaper area are the most suitable for a quicker diaper change.

3. Swaddle: swaddling is important because it soothes a baby with colic, it help remind to parents to place baby on back to sleep. Also baby can feel secure and safe, like they felt when was in the womb. Research finds that a baby can rest more and have a lower heart rate when swaddle.                     

4. Bodysuit or Onesie: they are a combination of a T-shirt and diaper. The benefit for the baby is that it is like a comfort shirt that keeps diapers throughout the day.

5. A place for baby sleep: is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that babies sleep in the same room as their parents. Providing a safe environment for the baby can prevent the sudden infant death. Since they spend the majority lying on the sheets, they need one that prevents allergies and heat accumulation like bamboo crib sheets. Bamboo material is durable and long-lasting. This fiber can be washed multiple times without causing damage to the fabric and keeps the baby cool with no sleep disruption.

6. Cotton caps: apart from being cute and fashionable, these one are important because can help to regulate baby's temperature since the baby do not know yet how to do it on its own for a couple of months. At cold temperatures, placing a cap prevents from losing too much heat.

7. Baby washcloth: everyone loves bathtime and using a baby washcloth with a soft fabric can prevent from skin irritation or hurting their skin and is like a manual exfoliator, since newborn to six months, their skin is so fragile and sensitive


8. Baby wash and shampoo: organic and natural baby wash shampoo are designed to treat your baby skin gently without causing irritation and to prevent removing moisture.

9. Nursing pillow: goes in your lap and wrap around your body, the benefits of having one is that it gives you a stable and comfy surface to position your baby at the breast. It's known that they help to reduce neck, arm and back strain for you, making nursing more enjoyable.

10. Healing ointment: we know that baby's skin is delicate. A healing ointment helps to protect, to treat and prevent diaper rash by sealing out wetness and protecting minor skin irritation due to diaper rash, while also keeps it hydrated.

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