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Gryph & Ivyrose

Gryph & Ivyrose Full Coverage 6 Bath & Body

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Gryph & Ivyrose Full Coverage 6 Bath & Body

Bath & Body


A daily use, luxurious shampoo and conditioner in one that leaves hair soft and manageable. Includes Tremella mushroom, Goji berry, and ginger root along with fifteen other botanicals to promote a healthy and happy little one*


This body wash gently cleanses and nourishes without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It guards against common skin irritations and creates a healthy balance in skin leaving it silky smooth.


Add and seal in moisture while preventing flyaways and frizz. A daily go-to for providing knot-free brushes and a flawless, silky finish.


Body oil hydrates naturally and protects the skin against harsh elements. A nutrient-rich oil blend that is ideal for massage with babies, toddlers, and big kids. Especially great for giving your child that moisture rich look we all want. Leaves the skin feeling baby soft.

Herbal Elixirs


When our little ones get sick, all systems go awry. Forceshield uses citrus peel, organic astragalus, chrysanthemum flower, and three other masterfully curated botanicals to support a healthy immune system in children.*


The finest raw, organic, and fair-trade cacao coupled with 3 billion CFU's of active probiotics makes this the perfect delivery system for our picky littles ones.

Their line of probiotics is your first line of defense against stressors that may throw your child's gut ofi balance

USDA Organic & mode with the highest quality ingredients No refrigeration needed Gentle freeze drying makes them most effective for the digestive cycle